How To Transform Yourself Into The Awakened Millionaire Using These 12 Simple Pillars...

Let Me Personally Show You How Easy It Is To Apply The 12 Pillars And Unlock The Ultimate Lifestyle Of Meaningful Wealth And Spiritual Power As The Awakened Millionaire...

Would you like to know the secrets to becoming an Awakened Millionaire?

Would you like to taste the abundant lifestyle that makes all other "lifestyles" seem mediocre?

Buckle up... because I'm about to give you a rare opportunity to transform yourself, your wealth, and your life's direction in one hard-hitting training

Awakened Millionaires don't only experience wealth and luxury... Awakened Millionaires transform the pursuit of purposeful wealth into a thrilling journey of personal transformation... the ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE of passion and adventure


Awakened Millionaires live by a different code.
Awakened Millionaires live in the moment... and profit from it.
Awakened Millionaires are financial AND spiritual warriors.

Awakened Millionaires see the world in a completely different way...

And if you haven't tasted it for yourself, you have no idea what you're missing.  

Even I don't have the words to describe the pleasure I get every day from living the lifestyle of the Awakened Millionaire.

But I want you to taste it for yourself...

As soon as you get just a small taste... you'll be hooked.

You'll realize there's no better way to live your life and pursue your dreams than by following the code of the Awakened Millionaire.

You'll realize that every other pursuit of wealth and success is lacking passion and delicious intensity.

You'll feel like you've returned home... to yourself and to the path you were meant to follow.

I'm not your typical millionaire...


Maybe you already understand the lifestyle I live.  Maybe you don't.

But here's what you should understand.

I live a life that inspires people.

It's not because I'm special.  You probably know my story of homelessness and struggle... I had to figure this out for myself.

But I didn't want to be your average millionaire.

I wanted to taste the freedom of wealth ON MY TERMS.  I wanted to unite my pursuit of money with my pursuit of meaning.

And that means more than just aligning my spiritual self with my material self.

It means living a DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE.


Many millionaires live luxurious lives.  I live an ADVENTUROUS life of my own design... and use my wealth to live IN the moment that I created.  

I live by the blueprint of the here and now.  And if you follow my advice, you'll see how profitable that can be...


Most millionaires make plans.  I follow my passion... every day.

Most millionaires do what's "smart."  I do what feels right.

Most millionaires have to "think through" ideas.  I follow my instincts and the path that's in front of me.

Most millionaires don't experience a spiritual existence.  I am GUIDED by my soul to unlock wealth and opportunity where everyone else misses it.

I have FUN.

Because life is so short... I ALWAYS push myself to "dare something worthy."

And the first step is to craft a life YOU design... create wealth YOU desire... in a way YOU love.

And, for the first time ever, I'm revealing the core strategies you can use to join me in the Awakened Millionaire's ultimate lifestyle...

Introducing The "Awakened Millionaire Activation" - The Secrets To Transforming Yourself Into An Awakened Millionaire... Ready To Experience A Lifestyle Of Wealth, Passion, Purpose, Spirituality, Luxury... And ADVENTURE... Unlike Any Other Millionaire Out There...

And what a ride it's going to be!

When you're done listening to this training, the ideas and possibilities will be bouncing around your head like flies trapped in a helium balloon...

You are going to be floored!
You are going to be pumped!
You are going to be INSPIRED!


This is a new chapter for you.

And I'm thrilled to be the one to walk you through the threshold to the miraculous and luxurious world of the Awakened Millionaire.

I think you'll love it :)

Here's why:

  • You'll never think about "plans" and "goals" the same way again... I PLAY my way to wealth! I love it!
  • You'll discover why the lifestyle of the Awakened Millionaire is a miraculous union of an open heart, a balanced lifestyle, spiritual abundance.... AND making, making more, and making even more money
  • You'll understand why this is the first time you've ever FELT LIKE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF when thinking about making money and building wealth
  • You'll see how your passion, your mission, your calling, and your purpose will come out and lead as a guiding light...
  • You'll learn why the way you've thought about "money" and "wealth" has been leading you down the wrong path...
  • You'll start to get wiggly and giggly with child-hood excitement as you begin to soar through all the possibilities waiting for you...
  • You'll understand why "adventure" is the Awakened Millionaire's secret word for "profit"
  • And that's just a taste...

“This all sounds great Joe, so how much is it going to cost me?”


Well... if you're feeling any of the excitement I'm feeling right now... and I hope you are... I think this would be a life experience worth an investment...

But I don't need a huge investment from you.

I need you to get this, listen to this, and see why the Awakened Millionaire is the future you've been waiting for.

That's my mission.

So, if you invest only $7 in this 40 minute mentoring session, I'll promise you a ride that will make you a whole new you...


And I've got some tasty free treats waiting for you when you say yes...

BONUS: My "Hypnotic Intentions" Training

As you'll soon learn... the Intention is one of the key components of the Awakened Millionaire.  It's home base for all your awakened earnings.

And I'd like to show you how to take "intentions" to a whole new level.

So when you join me today, I'm going to give you a free copy of a very COOL, very TRANSFORMATIVE, very ENLIGHTENING training on the "hypnotic intention"

Others have paid for this.  But not you...

BONUS: The "Accelerate Transformation" Wealth Trigger Reprogramming Session With Dr. Steve G. Jones

My good friend, partner, and fellow-adventurer, Dr. Steve G. Jones, master hypnotherapist from an evolved dimension, created a special mental reprogramming session normally reserved for our Elite Wealth Explorer members.

I'd like to give this to you to help you kick-start your journey

When you use the three advanced mental reprogramming audios, Dr. Steve is basically rewiring your subconscious mind to allow, accept, and aid in creating FASTER transformations in your life.

How does that sound?

I think it sounds powerful :)

So I've said my peace.

Now I think it's time for you to take action, don't you think?

Press that green button right below here, and let's get started, shall we?

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Oh, and before I forget...

You have a full 365 days to listen to this risk-free.  If at any point you're not happy and want your $7 back, I'll give it to you with no questions asked.  


Time to dig in.  Grab your copy, get instant access, and let me show you what the life and the lifestyle of the Awakened Millionaire is all about...




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P.S. What happens if you pass this opportunity?

Well, for one, you'll miss information I've never released in my 30 years of teaching wealth and success to good people like yourself.

You have an opportunity to join me on the cutting edge... and experience the miraculous lifestyle and success that comes with it.

And second, you'll keep living and pushing and struggling like you are now.

Ask yourself, are you happy with how your life is going?  Are you happy with the success you've had?

If you are, maybe you don't need or want this (I still think you're missing out).

But if you're not... I think this will transform the way you take your next step... and every step after.

Join me.  You won't regret it.

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