"Here's your invitation to JOIN ME And Finally Claim YOUR Financial Independence! Let me explain..."

A Message Of Celebration from Dr. Joe Vitale
RE: Your Financial Independence

My friend!

I am HAPPY you found yourself to this page.  Because I want to celebrate this moment... and the rest of your life... with you today.  Yes, you are blessed to be alive. You are blessed to have the many treasures in your life...

But how blessed would you be if you could add FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE to your treasure chest?

Today is the day that can be the turning point in your life.

Because today, I'm inviting you to join me in outrageous financial independence.

And if you join me, today will be a day to remember.

I'm inviting you to discover simple, profound, proven, GUARANTEED secrets to TRUE.... FINANCIAL.... INDEPENDENCE.

Financial Independence.
Financial Freedom.
Financial Celebration.
Financial Longevity
Financial Abundance...

For you.  Now.

How does that sound? You with me?

I woke up the other day with a jolt.  I was suddenly inspired... awakened... and CRYSTAL CLEAR on how to help you gain financial freedom...

My goal in life was NEVER to be a millionaire.

From the moment I got the itch to write as a teenager, my mission was set in stone...

I wanted to make people happy.

And today, decades later, my mission is still the same.

I want to give you prosperity and financial independence, because it will make YOU happy. And that will make ME happy.

Simple enough, right?

That's why I am always digging in and finding ways to IMPROVE my ability to help you succeed.

Yes, I have helped tens of thousands of people achieve remarkable successes in their life.

But we all have room for improvement.

And what you're finding on this page... this invitation to join me... is an improvement I'm EXCITED about.

I woke up the other day and I knew exactly what I could give you that would LAUNCH YOU TO FREEDOM... even if you've struggled and struggled and struggled.

Even if you're convinced you're destined to fail.

So I put together a package at an irresistible price that is not just packed with IMMENSE value (thousands of dollars worth), but is packed with the RIGHT strategies, the RIGHT techniques, the RIGHT approaches, the RIGHT knowledge...

The RIGHT formula to kick you up to the next level.

All you have to do is say yes and take action.

BUT... even if you're afraid you won't take action, I've got a few surprises waiting for you that can "trick" your mind into making these solutions a reality in your life.

Yep, I got you covered.

Here's why YOU will be writing my next "success story" testimonial...

I wish I could explain what it feels like when I get an unsolicited letter or email saying "THANK YOU, JOE!!!!!!!!!!"

That is pure happiness for me.

And you can be the next one to write me that note.

You see, having spent 30 years coaching a football field worth of people, I've put together some HARD-HITTING, LIFE-TRANSFORMING training.

I'm proud of all of them.

But some of them have kicked a little more butt than others.

What I realized the other day was the PERFECT COMBINATION of some of my work (and some of my expert friends) that, like Alchemy, can turn these individual strategies into a collective gold bar I can hand to you.

What you're getting on this page is a historic combination of some of the best training I have in my library.

And I want to give it all to you at a historic discount.

That means you get some of my best work for pennies on the dollar, and I get to feel even happier knowing you've got all of this in your hands.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

You're not just getting life-changing content.

You're getting an alchemy blend designed to accomplish one thing: give you financial independence.


Your opportunity for financial independence might slip away, if you let it...

It's a scary thought, isn't it?

You've spent years searching and striving for financial independence.

Am I right?

But there is indeed a very real danger that your chances might slip away.

And it will be at your own hand.

Let me explain.

If you're like most people who strive for financial freedom, the path can be a struggle.  A big struggle.

But one of the nasty, deadly diseases that can bury your own chance at achieving this is buried deep in your own mind.

And it comes in a recognizable form...

Self sabotage
Lack of belief

As these feelings build inside of you, they begin to eat you alive... quietly.  The begin to erode your spirit, your drive, and your conviction.

They threaten the entire existence of YOUR right for financial independence.

I don't say this to scare you, but because I UNDERSTAND.

When I struggled with my years of poverty in Dallas, Texas, I came SO CLOSE to quitting... throwing in the towel and accepting my "fate."

My doubts, self-sabotage, hopelessness, and lack of belief in my chances of success were eating me alive, and I was beginning to think it was a sickness that could never be cured....

It wasn't until someone reached out a helping hand....

... that I woke up, got back my vigor, and started back on my path to financial freedom.

But it wasn't just any hand that saved me.

It was a hand carrying EXACTLY what I NEEDED in that moment.

As if the divine knew what I needed and when I needed it.

It didn't make me rich overnight, but this person gave me a chance to publish my writing...

... which opened all the doors I needed.

It was my ticket to financial independence.

I didn't even realize it at the time... but I look back and smile.  I could've said no. But I didn't.

I'm reaching out to you with that same helping hand.

The difference is that I'm not standing with you right now.

I don't know the exact struggles that have been holding you back.

But, I'm 95% sure that I don't need to.

Not with the kind of helping hand I'm offering you on this page.

Because I've spent over 30 years coaching people.
Because I too have tasted the deep pain of financial struggle.
Because I not only know the real techniques to financial independence...

But because I know which techniques you need NOW to make a difference in your life NOW.

And to prove my confidence, I'm giving you a full year to try my solution for you today risk free.

But more on that in a second.

First let me tell you exactly what you're getting.

Introducing YOUR solution to financial independence: The Financial Independence Day Power Pack

This Power Pack is like the Everlasting Battery you plug into yourself... and it has all the juice you need to carry you where you want to go...

... to your own financial independence.

And the POWER comes from two of my favorite training projects.

A couple of years ago, I held an EPIC live training here in Texas called "Attract Money Now LIVE!"


It not only transformed the minds of my guests...

But it transformed MY mind as well.


I invited a series of experts to speak that brought POWER and TRANSFORMATION to all of us.

They brought passion.
They brought knowledge.
They brought real-world experience.
They brought strategies that WORK...


I couldn't stop the chills running up and down me at this event.  I KNEW lives were getting changed.

I looked at all the people listening to these speakers... and I KNEW their lives were about to transform at break-neck speed.

I could see it on their faces.

I knew it.
They knew it.

It was beautiful...

And these 4 presenters at Attract Money Now LIVE! have the POWER you need right here, right now, to elevate yourself to financial independence.

Let me tell you why...

STEP ONE: A Transformational And Financial Awakening With Me, Dr. Joe Vitale

The first session you're getting access to is with me.  I opened the two day event.

And I'm proud of the power and content I delivered that day.

But that's not the only reason I'm including this.

In this session, I GAVE THE AUDIENCE THE POWER TO RECEIVE the transformation the audience was about to experience.

This was a MASSIVE gift to the audience I was happy to give.

You see, it's one thing to just "listen" and "absorb."

It only goes so far... and more often than not, it goes in one ear and out the other.

Am I right?

But in this session, I guided the audience through the process of AWAKENING THEIR ENTIRE BEING to the transformation.  Mind, Spirit, Body, Soul.  Conscious mind, Subconscious mind, Unconscious mind.

They were right there, wide open, receiving like a NASA antenna.

And that's what you'll experience when you watch this session (you're getting immediate access).

In my session, you'll discover:

STEP TWO: A Practical Money Transformation With The Mental And Financial Wizard, Scott York

You don't meet powerhouses like Scott York everyday.

Success oozes from his entire presence.

You meet him, and you can FEEL the impact he can have if he shared his secrets.

And he not only will share his secrets to mental and practical financial transformation with you...

... but he will INSPIRE you to take practical action in ways you never even thought of.

He will empower you to activate your passion.
He will awaken you to your natural ability to create financial abundance on demand.
He will help you understand the practical tools and strategies you need to achieve financial independence

He will kick your butt all the way to the breakthrough you want and NEED.

He not gives you practical strategies that can MAKE YOU MONEY.

If you're saying to yourself, "I want to make more money, but I have no idea how to do it RIGHT", then Scott will set you straight and give you a path to wealth you can PRACTICALLY USE.

I could see all the "light bulb moments" happening as he delivered his presentation.

People were suddenly seeing new opportunities THEY ACTUALLY ACTUALLY USE.

And he'll do the same for you...

STEP THREE: A Spiritual and Universal Financial Awakening With The Transcendent Dee Wallace

Dee's entire presence will stir your soul.

She will activate your SPIRITUAL awakening to financial independence in a way you can't even imagine.

She shows you how to make success SOULFUL.

She guides you to LOVE money in a way that makes money FLOCK to you.

She's the one that gave the entire audience a SPIRITUAL PURPOSE and a REASON WHY behind achieving wealth.

She was a behemoth presence.

It felt like simply being in the same room with her could transform you.

And that's not far from the truth...

If there's any part of you that's conflicted about your financial path to success, she will set you right.
If there's any part of you that resists transformation, she will set you straight.
If there's any part of you that can't seem to connect with money, she will set you in front of the right door.If there's any part of you that can't CONNECT to the power of money, she will set you on the right path.

She is a gift to the universe.

And she is a priceless gift to your own awakening financial independence.

STEP FOUR: Activating Your whole Mind-Body Being For Financial Freedom, With Millionaire And Body-For-Life Creator, Bill Phillips


This man's presence is infectious.

His knowledge is vast and full of punch.

But what he brought to this live event was unlike anything I'd seen him do before.

I already knew what he brought to the table, but I had NO IDEA he was going to rock the house the way he did.

And he'll do the same thing for you as you watch his presentation.

Bill will awaken your entire being to the Financial Independence Transformation Experience.

Bill will reveal how a few simple tricks will make that body-mind fusion your greatest asset in your personal transformation.

And if you don't think your "body and mind" are relevant...

You'd be mistaken.

You see, as Bill will show you, when you align your body, your emotions, and your mental power, you become UNSTOPPABLE.

The financial freedom will ooze from your pores.

The abundance will flow from your presence.

And your entire being will be unable to resist the entire transformation.

But that's not all.

Bill also went on to reveal INCREDIBLE tools and strategies for practical financial transformation.

He leveraged his years of success as an entrepreneur and a "seeker of success."

He revealed the lessons he learned, the mistakes he made (that you probably make too), and how he finally broke through.

He will inspire you, pump you up, and fill you with emotional intensity... the exact formula that fuses everything you're getting in this Financial Independence Power Pack into every ounce of your being.

You will FEEL the transformation happening in your skin.

Sounds crazy? I invite you to prove me wrong.

You'll feel it immediately...

The result of watching these sessions? The perfect formula for WHOLE BEING FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  It's right here, waiting for you...

This is the one, two, three, four punch.

Watching these four sessions from the sold-out event WILL give you what you need to awaken your financial independence TODAY.

I guarantee it.

I honestly can't think of one reason you would not experience this transformation.

If you watch, you will transform.

That's my promise to you.

And what does that really mean?

It means you can join me in celebrating YOUR personal Financial Independence Day.

It means you will be awakened, empowered, and aligned... mind, body, and soul... to claim the financial freedom waiting for you.

It not only means the money you want.

It also means MEANINGFUL money.

So, let me answer the burning question you're probably asking yourself...

To celebrate Financial Independence Day, you get this ENTIRE TRANSFORMATION for a massive, irresistible, certifiably-crazy discount

Let me put this in perspective.

People paid $795 dollars to attend this event.

And, as many people came up and told me, it was the best $795 they had spent.

Because the transformation happened.
The transformation couldn't be stopped.

They walked away from that event ready for action, ready to achieve their dreams of wealth, ready to attract the tangible money they wanted.

So the value of this package is priceless.

But even though you're getting almost half of the event, I'm not asking for half the cost everyone else invested to attend.

You're not paying $795.
You're not paying $399You're not paying $299
You're not paying $199
You're not even paying $99
Or $79
Or $59...

Your investment with today's discount?

A one-time $39 is all it takes to ACHIEVE YOUR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

Surprised?  Don't be.  Because I want you here, standing with me, in full financial abundance.

I want you to join me and experience the love, joy, and fulfillment that comes with this independence.

I want you to be HAPPY so that I can be happy.

I want you to succeed, my friend.

And no big ticket cost will get in your way.

But even though the value of this package is already priceless, I believe in over-delivering.

So I'm going to make this opportunity even more resistible...

The craziest FREE bonus package on the internet... all yours when you say YES!

No, the free bonus package I'm giving you today to reward you for taking action... isn't the biggest.

It might not even be the flashiest.

But it's the craziest.

Because the countless nuggets of personal and financial abundance you'll squeeze from these bonus recordings will only pile the wealth on top of the heap you're walking into.

If you say yes today, I'm going to give you 5 PRIVATE MASTERMIND sessions with 5 revolutionaries in the world of financial abundance.

These are audios that everyone else had to pay $39 ALONE for.  They were only available to a small private group of students who were lucky enough to listen in...


Need some cash?  It’s as easy as pushing a button!  Think about it…

If there was a button you could push that activates the “Money Flow” into your life, would you push it Right Now?  Seem too easy?

I have some great news for you… there is such a button!  Actually, there’s a series of them.  In this mastermind, you are about to discover how to push the buttons in the right order, say the right thing, and activate the flow that can finally bring you “Money Beyond Belief.”

Get ready to learn about ETF (Emotional Freedom Techniques)!

If you’re serious about getting better results with your money-making efforts, and you’re ready for more money now, you’ll love this mastermind.

Brad Yates explains and demonstrates EFT in this highly educational, enlightening, fun, and ultimately profitably audio experience.  I suggest you listen to it several times, doing the EFT method right along with Brad and me. One person said the session was truly “incredible.”  But save your own judgment for after you’ve done an EFT clearing or two.

The end result just might be “Money Beyond Belief.”


You are in for a very special treat this month!  I’m going to…. Show You The Money!  Or at the very least show you how to make a ton of it over the next few weeks and beyond!

In this mastermind, I will be covering in complete detail how you can create “Money on Demand” with your own E-Classes.  You will have access to the exact same information that others paid me $2500 to learn how to create incredibly profitable E-Classes quickly and easily!

You will also learn:

How Yanik Silver made $18,298.50 with his first E-Class AND $11,198.50 on the second!

How Paul Lemberg made over $17,000 with his first E-Class!

You will also have access to my 130 page e-book, “How You Can Make $5,000 to $15,000 in Only Weeks Teaching Your Very Own E-Class!”

I’ll show you the EXACT sales letters that I and the others above used to get people to enroll into their E-Classes at lightning speed!

I’ll reveal the simple questions to ask yourself when your mind is blank on what you could create your E-Class on.

You’ll have countless pages of profitable E-Classes that you will want to create in no time!

I’ll reveal a secret technique that can bring you 50% more sales. This is a secret almost nobody knows!

And much more!


Dr. Gene Landrum is not only the creator of the restaurant chain “Chucky Cheese”, and involved in many successful entrepreneurial business ventures, but he is also a devoted life-long researcher on the psychology underpinning success.  I’ll say it again… if you have not read his book “Empowerment”… get it.

What is it that separates the average person from the mega-success when on the surface, all seems equal?

Learn the three simple things that you can do to gain a massive competitive edge in any marketplace before your competitors even knew what hit them.

If you’ve played or followed sports, you’ve heard the saying, “the zone”. Michael Jordan is one who played in “the zone” on many occasions; rarely missing a shot. In this issue, you’ll learn some strategies and techniques on how you can get into the zone in your business.

Do you truly have full control over your destiny, or is someone else making the calls?

Learn why it’s imperative for you to gain full control of your destiny and how you can start doing so right now.

Learn about the incredible Harvard Study which provided insight on the collation between left brain and right bring thinkers and their level of success. This may explain why the “class clown” in high school may be a millionaire today!


What do you do when you’ve tried everything else?
What do you do next when the formulas and techniques, methods and strategies don’t seem to work?
What do you do when you feel stuck?
This mastermind answers those questions.

It’s all about working from the inside out; it’s about what I’ll call “Spiritual Selling.”

Spiritual Selling is not about religion. It’s about the psychology of your inner world. It’s about your mindset; your energy; your beliefs and actions. It’s along the lines of my book, The Attractor Factor, and of course the hit movie, The Secret.

In this mastermind I let Joe Nunziata tell you the story of how changing your inner life creates a better outer life – including more sales, more income, and more results.

Joe has been working in personal development for 25+ years. He says to be truly successful, you must break destructive patterns of behavior. Joe developed his insights through a lifetime in a sales career. He gets results, For example:

Stacey was a financial planner. Business was on the verge of closing down. Called up Joe. Started working on changing her feelings, cleaning her stuck energy. He helped her increase her business by 390% in one year. She said she didn’t DO anything different, but FEELS completely different.

In this remarkable interview Joe and I discuss:

People don’t believe they can do less and make more, they think they have to scramble. If you work on the inside, the outside will change. Don’t mess with the outside.

Get up and feel peaceful and feel good. Be grateful in this moment. Accept where you are in any moment.

You cannot have anything new in your life until you have totally accepted what you now have in your life.

“I’m totally satisfied, I just want more” Not coming from a place of lack, appreciates what you have, but still desire more.

Most people use unhappiness as a motivator. They refuse to be unhappy with their life and business and use that to motivate them.

Our personal energy affects the clients we attract. Everything is a mirror. Joe N. felt like he didn’t deserve the money, and he ended up attracting clients who used him and didn’t pay him and said he didn’t deserve the money. He was attracting what he felt.

Anger Release Meditation for freeing yourself to receive more wealth.

As you release this negative energy, you start to vibrate a different feeling. People will start to feel better about you because you feel better about yourself.

People are better givers than receiving. They feel guilty about receiving.

You get what you expect.

There’s much more in this thrilling mastermind with this remarkable man...


Whether you think the Law of Attraction is a “law” or a joke, this mastermind with one of the teachers in The Secret will make you consider what’s truly possible in your life and business.

Maybe, just maybe, you haven’t been thinking big enough.

Bob Doyle ended up in the movie because Rhonda Byrne, the producer and creator of it, was actually a student of his Wealth Beyond Reason class, and she approached him about being in it.

Bob knows the science behind the Law of Attraction, and I get him to reveal it in this mastermind. I think you’ll find it riveting.

We cover such topics as –

What is “vibrational resonance”?

Can we consciously control our vibrational resonance? If so, how

Do we attract everything – even the bad stuff? If so, what can we do about it?

In business, when you have a vision that really inspires you, you’ll begin to get a ton of ideas. Then the only problem will be choosing one. Don’t over analyze it though, because you’ll slow yourself down. The trick is revealed in the interview.

When Bob Doyle quit his corporate job, he didn’t know yet what he was going to do to make money. But he just couldn’t stand it anymore, and didn’t think he would take the jump while he was in the comfort of his job. What did he do?

How going to a trade show and following angels (yes, angels!) led him to meet up with someone and create the Wealth Beyond Reason program.

What is the best way to “get clear” so you can have Wealth Beyond Reason?

What is EFT? (You’ll hear me confess how I used this method to get over a fear of flying.)

When it comes to following your passions, is it true if you do what you love the money will follow? This is usually true, but when it’s not true it’s usually because people bring their resistance when approaching their business – even if they are doing something they love. They aren’t thinking big enough. (Are you?)

What if anger fuels you toward action? Is that ok?

What is “the universe”?

In the case of the baby who had a stroke, did the baby attract that?

Can you use the law of attraction for bad? What would Hitler do with the law of attraction?

A lot of getting where you want to go is letting go and taking inspired action without second guessing yourself. You definitely have to take action; you can’t just set your intention and wait for it to happen. But do take action at the right time when you are inspired. But what IS inspired action?


As you can see, this mastermind is PACKED with gems about the movie The Secret as well as about The Law of Attraction.

And get this... I'm so confidence this is exactly what you need right now, that I'm giving you a no-risk LIFETIME guarantee.  Yes... a LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

You won't need a lifetime to get the results.

You will see results the moment you begin this transforming program.

But I want to prove a simple point:

I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT this is exactly the right transformation for you at exactly the right time.

I want you to JOIN ME.

I want you TO BE HAPPY.

And I want nothing to stand in the way.



Now is your moment. Now is the time to say yes.  Will you join me?  Will you claim this opportunity? It will disappear if you hesitate...

I'm bringing all the goods to the table.

But you're the one who must say yes.

You have to take the bull by the horns and DEMAND your financial independence.

And if I've done my job right, you CLEARLY see how this program is unlike any other... how the alchemy in this training can deliver exactly what you want...

Financial Independence.


All yours.


Will you join me, friend?

Will you join me as one of the financially free?

Will you say yes?

I've done my part.

Now you must do yours.

Click the button below, fill out the details, and JOIN ME.

You'll get immediate access...

Will I see you on the other side?


Love always,


Yes Joe! Give me immediate access to your Financial Independence Power Pack!

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